About Us

SoraByrd is a Brand of Kimonos to encourage all you Gods and Goddesses to walk with a step of confidence, and always feeling Fab on the go in a Kimono that has you ready from beach, to dinner, party, to by itself accompanying you at home reading a book! For all you Vagabond Fashionistas always seeking inspiration and to learn from this beautiful earth, having the versatility is key in life, and the perfect ready to go attire , so go achieve, believe and gain a new Byrds Eye View Perspective today.

Jordan Byrd , Designer of SoraByrd is a Seeker of Spiritual Growth , always on the fly , experiencing this beautiful world, finding new perspectives, finding freedom, and to share with you all that you can soar to. Jordan has completed 200hr Yoga Teacher training in Ubud, Bali, and shares alignment practices through Flows! Going within, finding focus on mind and body and spiritual growth, speaking the truth, you will find your place and mission with vision along the way to. In A Kimono, is where I feel ready at all times for anything the world may bring me to, walking with confidence feeling elegant, people look at me, for me. If curious more Check out JByrdsWord Blog Full of interesting topics on many things we ponder on in mind, body, spiritual realm, as well as events , videos, and travel guides!