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Your Organization for Global Ayurveda

Yoga is a discipline from India 5000 year old ancient art based on harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit, continued practice will lead to a sense of peace and well being , and a feeling of being as one with environment. A combination of pranayama breathing techniques, exercise through asanas, meditation makes up yoga. Yoga in Sanskrit it Yuj, meaning to join, with all the different types of yoga it all sums up to connect to something greater than ourselves. Everything humans can do is a expression who they are, yoga is a discipline to determine who you want to be. Today substantial medical scientific evidence show very fundamentals of the activities of your brain , chemistry, genetic content, can change with different systems of yoga applied. Yoga is defined “the cessation of the modification of the mind”.


Types of yoga include...


Hatha is all about the basics , a slower moving class based on alignment and holding  poses for a few breathes, adding in meditation. In Sanskrit Hatha refers to any yoga that teaches physical postures, Its a important to remember the purpose of focusing on breathing and channeling your energy .


Vinyasa is a faster paced yoga , a great workout that comes with sweat , requires coordinating movement with your breath flowing from one pose to the next. The yoga to tone and and loose weight.


Ashtanga is based on the 8 limbs of yoga. A challenging style of standing and seated postures meant to be done in a specific order , fixed sequence , repeat to create endurance and strength.


Yin Yoga is a combination of asanas seated , and lying posture held for long periods of time up to 2-4 mins, where muscles are completely disengaged , a super slow practice to allow certain parts of the body to open up and allowing gravity to do its work.


Kundalini involves constantly moving through invigorating poses , chanting, meditation, the fluidity of the practice is to intend to release the kundalini , which is the serpent energy in your body intending to awaken it up, resulting in a complete bliss with a yoga buzz. This practice is to get more in touch with your spiritual side, becoming awaken through this practice will give you insight through your third eye, as well as from your past lives and the karmic energy you carry to this present life.


Iyengar method is focused on alignment , and detail to precision , breath control and using props such as blocks, bands, and blankets. Covers all 8 all aspects of ashtanga yoga,


Bikram by Bikram Choudhury is a popular yoga practice adopted in the 1970s , becoming popular world wide. Consisting of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in a heated room of 105 degrees. Bikrams practice is made to cleanse, detox, and deep in stretches to speed up recovery from injury , enhance flexibility , increase stamina.


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