SoraByrd Book Club

SoraByrd Book Club

Purpose for this book club is to create a community , online and local , with like minded enthusiasm to tackle topics together, learn and break apart the meaning for each book we read together. This group will have books from religion and spiritual realm , to human behavior , health , and business , all curated to leave you with a different mindset and can apply to our lives we lead. You are only good as the knowledge you were taught, and the books you read , so lets dive into topics we always pondered in a structured exciting way!


We will stay connected through a WhatsApp group chat , as well as monthly events if Local in LA, that include yoga , breathworks , sound healing, discussions , cacao ceremonies and more !


During the current read have a notebook available to write down any quotes or metaphors you ponder and want to take the time to break apart, that could also be apart of group topics. Write any conclusions , and how this book has added to your life. In addition i encourage you to broaden your vocabulary, and write any unfamiliar words to research and use to your benefit!

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