Dream Diary

As humans we dream on average 6 total years through out the span of our life! During our sleep , our mind is more active than awake , given how many stimulating moving parts are around you at once on just on a walk through the park , let alone a baseball game, dream time is a time of rest and recovery and time a time of analyzation. Dreams hold messages with symbols, that lead you to answers to guide you on the right path in life , with any current situation and experiences you may be resonating in that dream. Your subconscious uses metaphors and symbols from any personal experiences , as well as any faces that pop up in your dream , your brain cant make up a face, you may have seen it and dont recall. You recharge your creativity through dreaming, gaining inspiration, many big leader and inventors found solutions that lead to big changes in the world through recalling and figuring out their dreams. People such as James Watson who created the 🧬 DNA double helix in 1953 , Larry Page with Google in 1998 , Elias Howe with the sewing machine in 1790. I advise you to start decoding what your subconscious is telling you by writing down your dreams and figuring out the symbols and what they mean , you may discover some hidden feelings and how it may have affected you today , and through being able to understand today you can lead a better life.

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