Bufo in a Teepee in Tulum

Bufo is a frog poison , known as The Gods Molecule 5 MEO-DMT , that you smoke to experience inner healing! It was quite the experience, after experiencing this , I believe everyone should consider trying this magical medicine! It had been found to help clients with sex, porn, gambling, drug addictions , as well as eating disorders, depression , PTSD and alcoholism. Bufo is quite effective, its a 20 minute journey, that left me with no hangover. There is a woman who actually lives in my neighborhood in Venice, California by the name of Maria Florencia Bilini aka Flor from Argentina, who got my attention from a friend who works with her , and I got to see her beautiful fairy home where she holds such ceremonies. Flor is putting together this amazing company known as Nana , which also means wise healer in parts if Africa! Nana is a online network for healing centers around the world, that is used for training for healers in the transformative medicine area. Nana is still in the making , waiting for the right partners to come to play in a harmonizing way for the better of the good. This company intends to teach healers how to administer psychedelics and integrate the experience through counseling. Flor believes that because of the natural state of woman being on the more nurturing, compassionate, empathetic side it should be exclusively for woman healers. The clinics will start with legal things such as cannabis and ketamine. Nana will provide everything for clinics to get started or to integrate into a Nana clinic, from a online training “Imagine it like the Wonder Woman Academy” , as well as a online 24/7 support , patient assessment, a template for psycho spiritual integration, a user manual for the body and brain neurochemistry, mindfulness and more ! Flor has conducted many ceremony’s , and known to be one of the top highly paid guide , from helping movie stars to industry tycoons! I hope to see it takes off , its amazing to live in a time with technology to connect and educate share and grow with! My own experience took place in a teepee in tulum with a guide from finland , Dr.Avilrius. We started with a prayer asking the world to open up to me , and allow clarity , love , healing into this experience. Coppal was burning, the music was in the right harmonizing melodies, did some deep breathing, and went for a strong hit , instantly was in another world looking through my third eye. Laying back letting the world take in my weight , the top of the teeppe letting in the light, with kalydescope vision, this lasted for approximately 20 mins, and was coming out of it with the beat of my guides drum and into my feelings that followed with thoughts. I felt very ok where I currently am in my life , with what direction I am going, and my place And reason to be here , so I found myself thinking of my mom the whole time. Just feelings from childhood mayhem arose , and becoming understanding and how I can help my mom in her journey. We all need to help each other in life and encourage and grow together. Much love , go try The Gods Molecule when your ready!

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