BeCareful What You Wear For

BeCareful What You Wear For

When you fall in love with a perfectly soft sweater , seeming so soft , and comforting , making you feel like you can walk into any room with be accompanied by. Sometimes it can be to good to be true, real, genuine, that’s why I suggest pay attention and read into the fine print, what you thought was genuine cashmere happens to be 95 percent acrylic and only 5 percent cashmere . Thinking it was 100 real all along, this acrylic actually tends to be very damaging with where it came from, and the morals on what people did to create it for the sake of margins. With what chemicals used to make the product, it causes harm to the environment and who was involved to create the product, inhuman wages, and toxic waste that is damaging in the long run! Be careful what you choose, choose something that is good for the long run, and in many occasions , and genuine !

Big Heart ! Keep Soaring ! 

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